KUFARU MOUTON- a tribute


Hear an interview with friends of Kufaru and an excerpt from a recent recording here.
kufaru aaron mouton

The family of "Kufaru" Aaron O. Mouton wishes to express our thanks and appreciation for all the prayers, acts of kindness and outpouring of love that you have so vividly expressed in the loss of our loved one.

To Tracy Thomson, Clinton and Ze' Montz, Andy Wolf, Hart McNee, associates of the International House of Blues Foundation, musicians, friends and acquaintances, we will never forget the contributions and help that you so untiringly rendered during his life and in his memory.

To all those who expressed tributes, memories and condolences, we thank you.

To Aunt Jessie Mouton, cousins Gerard Mouton and Louise Johnson, thanks for being there in our absence on the day of tribute on Frenchmen Street.

We feel that Aaron is definitely resting in peace after giving of himself so untiringly to the music and crafts he enjoyed. He will be truly missed. As Kufaru would say. Peace.

(Mother) Georgia M. Conner
Pearland, Texas